Month: March 2020

Rest in Peace John Peter Zenger

John Peter Zenger

We have always supported a free press, regardless of whether it reported truth or fiction and in return most of that free pres has done a decent job of checking the facts. When an error has occurred, a correction is usually offered on page sixteen, bottom left corner. But lately a small portion of the free press has taken a page from the supermarket sensationalist press and gone beyond the bounds of credulity in reporting lies, distortions and rumors as facts.

Usually most sane people dismiss such trash reporting with a short “Where did you read that, in the World Nut Daily ?” and a mutual chuckle.

But lately sanity has taken a rain check from the minds of some 30% of our society and are not considering such news articles with a little reflection that would demonstrate that such report are and have to be political distortion. They seem to enjoy mass rallies where they can shout “Give us Barabbas” and jeer anyone who tries to inject the least bit of sanity.

The question on my mind is, assuming we are able to install a reasonably honest administration that is willing to deal with difficult problems and subjects fairly, what can we do to reverse this foolish acceptance of scrap paper news as valid reporting without removing or reducing the protective safety net we have given the free press for two about hundred years, and not be putting a tombstone up “RIP John Peter Zenger.” And dear friends, if you need to look up John Peter Zenger, you should.

Charlie Jensen

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Was Elizabeth Warren the best qualified candidate?

Many well-meaning citizens feel that Elizabeth Warren is the best qualified candidate. Qualified in what way, Professional knowledge of the workings of the financial details? Compassion for the helpless? Imaginative?

Qualified in some or even several ways, yes, absolutely yes, but there are alternatives who seem to be better, or, to be fair, at least as well qualified in similar or, other ways. So we have invented this “horse race” that judges candidates by added characteristics, one of which is electability. Those qualities are often offset by counter indicators so a balance is made by voters and supporters and Liz, while very high on the positive qualification scale carries a significant impediment, her nomination and election might just tear the country apart even further. And Sanders, with his unbudging stubbornness is thwarted in a similar way as well. His extreme views will prevent him from putting “United” ahead of “States.”

I remember a candidate, in fact, I cheerfully voted for the candidate who proudly said; “Extremism in the defense of Liberty is no vice. Moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.”

Ringingly deathless words, but sadly not likely to mend the fracture that was then, as now, ripping the nation apart.

And he lost in a landslide. His opponent was a somewhat crooked candidate of one party who could and so often did work with members of the other party and for all his faults went from horse thief as a congressman to a rather successful president.

The thing that so many people fail to acknowledge is that an election, is a compromise in which the best winners are often the candidates who are acceptable to the most voters. Warren could serve the nation as a whole by working to elect one of those types less doctrinaire candidates who stands that best chance of hearing the country, and perhaps working from within effectively to bring about the goals she is known to have.

Think about Gerald Ford as an example of one such uniters in the days after Nixon was drummed out of office. “…. My friends, our long national nightmare is over etc. ……”

Charlie Jensen

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