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One Foot on the Balance Beam

In 2018, when I wrote of the dangers this nation faced from trump and his merry men, I was told by several folks that I was being overly dramatic with the Hitler references and fears about history repeating itself.

Well now we have moved right up to the edge of democracy’s cliff and are poised like a gymnast with only one foot on a balance beam.

Meanwhile the party in power dithers about trivia.

Good luck, people, it is no longer going to be easy to step back and go on with business as usual.

The Forces of Darkness, long lying dormant and undisturbed within our society, are on the move and now so strongly entrenched and so committed to violent take over that the future of the United States of North America is no longer assured.

The actions needed require drastic enforcement of our existing laws and enactment of measures to protect not just voting access and rights, but a significant overhaul of our courts and legislative procedures, both national and statewide. And the snowflakes in power are melting from the heat while a cadre of authoritarian oppression develops ways to return the tyrant to power, or failing that, his clone.

In fact, the strongest defense democracy currently posses is trump’s inherent stupidity and dementia.

That is a shameful bulwark for the freedoms and expansion of human rights won, often so painfully, over the last two centuries.

Awake and take part in the political process. Those who choose to avoid demanding actions now, are as much a danger as those who march like the storm troopers of the past to seize the levers of their government.

Charlie Jensen

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