Month: August 2020

Where will the voters go?

I was just thinking about the result of thousands of local people here and there in certain states being dispossessed from the residence where they have lived for many years and of course where they are registered to vote.

Where will they go?

Well some may move down the street to temporarily live with a friend or relative. In some cases that “down the street” may be some distance away.

Others may find shelter in some state or city facility where they are forced to stay for the time being.

Some percentage may just have to seek an unoccupied highway overpass or a place where they can park their overloaded vehicles for a night or two before the local authorities urge then to “move along.”

Perhaps a few may find some kind of employment and with no further options simply park near where that work is, in a parking lot or vacant field, so that at least they can earn enough to feed their children. Without a vibrant tax base states and cities will not be able to provide more than a watered soup kitchen perhaps once a day.

The Federal government can simply print more sheets of gray-green dollars to support whatever favored crony’s business needs boosting until the functioning nations of the world begin to notice that the paper money, checks and promises are backed by a kettle of warm spit. That road leads down to an international disaster as well.

Of course, if anyone is thinking, “Nay” and wishes to propose some alternative, now might be the time to work out the suggestion. Can the people rely on the current administration to do the right thing, whatever that might be?

Or might some political groups realize that people with no permanent residence are no longer legal voters where they were registered.

How many will find the wherewithal to worry about a new registration to be able to vote? Might not such legal niceties be relegated to the back shelf, if one is living where there is no shelf or whatever shelf there is, has been bare for a month or more.

Might some uncaring state or local administration decide what to do based on their perception of the likely voting sympathies of these displaced hordes?

This dystopian vision might be excessive, but try to come up with an answer to the queries raised that would not require a massive change of the political minds now struggling to keep and maintain power.

Charlie Jensen

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