About the Author

Charlie Jensen
Founder and Author of Foc’sle Chatter

I was born at an early age in Brooklyn, New York, living there in Bay Ridge and later Gravesend, NY for ten years. My parents moved us to the east after WW II county by county to Huntington where I attended a strong academic high school in Oyster Bay. I won an appointment to the United States Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point, NY.

After joining the U.S. Coast Guard, I was stationed on a working Cutter from Charleston, SC. Later I spent a year in the Canadian Arctic about 800 miles from the North Pole, experiencing the long dark winter months and midnight Sun. That adventure allowed me to be sent to Honolulu on a second working cutter, which roamed the Pacific from Japan to U.S. Samoa, between Hong Kong and the Philippines to Hawaii visiting many of the small islands between.

I sailed on various Merchant Marine vessels traveling to ports around the world until the Vietnamese unpleasantness ended. I then attended the State University of New York (SUNY) in Farmingdale automotive course on the GI benefits and eyed an auto repair shop in Port Jefferson NY.

In 1968 I met and married my wife and we began a family.  After ten years I closed my auto repair shop, and became the NY regional sales manager for Sun Electric Corporation and began teaching automotive diagnostic and on-board computer controls at several technical schools and SUNY.

In 1987 my wife and I moved with our six children south to Florida settling on the Nature Coast in Citrus County. I have long since retired from the auto repair industry. Our family has grown and I now have fourteen grandchildren and one great grandchild.

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