Lingering racism

” … The man is president of the world’s greatest democracy, and attained that position because of the  freedoms and opportunities available to our citizens. So why exactly would socialism be attractive to him? ….”

At its core, apparently even in the hearts of many whites who seem willing to accept an Afro-American as an acquaintance or workmate is the germ of lingering racism. You know, the people who would never make a racial joke themselves but who will laugh at one when they are in a group of their white peers. Not a hearty laugh, perhaps, but quite a way from the deserving frown that some rabidly anti-American humor deserves. If asked they will deny having the least racial sentiment.

This sentiment is easily stoked by the small minority of real racists who along with certain other lunatics who having escaped the asylum have been running amok through our political system hell bent on beating down any President who bears the label “Democrat”.

I first saw this last effect occurring during the second part of the Clinton administration . Having voted for both Papa Bush and Bob Dole I was hardly a candidate, one would think, to be extending much sympathy to Bill Clinton. But the unfairness of the attacks began to nudge at my conscience. I asked myself a similar question; ” … Why would Bill Clinton try to ruin this country which had given him so much opportunity ? Cui Bono ? …” Unless I could discover a good reason for that, I had to admit that he was not such bad a person and eventually began to respect him as a well meaning competent politician.

This country cannot survive as a representative democracy  if a significant portion of the electorate is totally unwilling to work along with the elected president regardless of race or party. The willingness to compromise and accommodate the winning party is one of the pre-requisites of a successful democracy. Today I note a small geographically consolidated minority that simply refuses to co-operate with anything the current president proposes, short of him throwing himself physically under the wheels of the proverbial bus in some public humiliation.

And the spark of this resentment is the racial fear that has so long paralyzed this country and prevented it from becoming all it can be. The danger is the possibility that this minority will grow larger or failing that, in extremis, will motivate one of the screwballs that are only weakly restrained at best to do something violent. That has happened before, several times and little good has come from it except for causing Vice-President Theodore Roosevelt he opportunity to become one of our greatest.

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