The Tea Party’s Liberty Tree

The Tea Party’s

American LibertyTree.

Gays are an abomination.

Corporations Are People.

Global warming’s a big hoax.

College students are all snobs.

Poor people deserve to be poor.

The Bible trumps the Constitution.

The unemployed are lazy parasites.

Union workers are all socialist thugs.

Women who use birth control are sluts.

Latinos are illegal until proven otherwise.

The U.S. auto industry should go bankrupt.

The President is a Muslim agent from Kenya.

The Girl Scouts;

A lesbian organization with an abortion agenda.

Any response about the truth or falsity of these positions is irrelevant.

They have all been stated, directly or indirectly by prominent Right Wing

political figures, all of whom seem to be of the Formerly Grand Old Party.

I cut

my Republican Party cards in half fifteen years ago and mailed them

to party headquarters in Tallahassee. How about you ?

© 2014, Charlie Jensen, All Rights Reserved

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