President Pele

The caddies really did give Trump the nickname “Pele” as he kicks the ball so often. I think we should all use that “nom de crayola” for him all the time, at least until he issues an executive order to prosecute those who respond. Yes, President Pele fits him just right.

I’m originally from New York and the current President Pele was known in The Big Apple as a liar, a cheat, a serial adulterer, a draft dodger, a multiple business failure and general “SOTE” that is Scum of the Earth.

When the NY banks will not deal with you, the Mafia loan sharks say, no way, and the local lawyers, who generally will represent just about any lowlife who can pay, all have full calendars, you should know better than to vote for him. So I have little political sympathy for the mid-west farmers who are now reaping the whirlwind. It is a shame that so many decent people and their families are being hurt. And actually disastrous that this country of laws, generally self enforced laws., are being broken right in front of the Congress that is not able to perform its sworn duty because of cowards who fear losing their seats. more than they are willing perform their duties of office.

Charlie Jensen

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