How Crazy Conspiracy Stories are Born

An afternoon’s pure speculation about how crazy conspiracy stories are born.

I have been thinking about some curious details in Trumpland. For some time Trump has had some intermittent difficulty with simple speech patterns. Not just the difficulty between origins and oranges, convefe and whatever he was trying to say, and lately his remarks about the continental air forces as well as several others, but his inability to notice the problem, matched with the frequently reported rages at things that have happened around him.

For a long time I have noticed the repetitive use of words and phrases, that have been thought to be just a manner of oratorical speaking. What appears to be the total inability to recognize truth from fiction in his rantings even when he ought to know that his contrary remarks are a matter of taped record. Many other aspects of his behavior, such as with females and the excessively friendly relationship with the most despicable world characters seem to scream out that something is very wrong with his brain functions.

Trump’s mental and physical health has long been open speculation. The report from that screwball doctor in Queens, NY, really opened more queries than were answered. Then last week suddenly the Veep’s plane was turned around and Pence was rushed back to Washington with no explanation. There could have been many reasons, but few that could not be explained to the press unless there is something very secret happening.

The official explanation was that there was an active shooter and there were shots fired, but neither shooter nor evidence of shots having been fired, and little more was made of it in the press.

There are enough nearby airports in the vicinity of that USAF base that a safe landing could have been made, even if the plane had remained airborne circling for an hour or so. Perhaps a passing vehicle backfiring was enough to, in an abundance of caution have caused the base to close and others to be alert, but it just sounds fishy to me, and this administration has yet to gain even middling marks for truthful reporting.

I suggest that Trump is having occasional, even frequent mental incidents rendering the White House staff to be concerned enough that they wanted the next in line available for an emergency. Think about the additional aberrations that have been covered up by his staff. Things like that have happened before, Wilson’s sickness, Roosevelt’s disability and increasing debility, and of course, Kennedy’s Addison’s Disease and his reliance on massive medications, all covered up by his friends and family, come to mind. Is there any disease that might cause such symptoms? Perhaps dementia, inability to perform certain acts, headaches and fatigue, difficulty with brain function beyond what is normal with age?

How about something so bad that close associates and staff riding the gravy train are horrified? And once the cover-up commences, the players are trapped into silence and compliance. Could something have been diagnosed during one of his trips overseas by foreign doctors and potentially used by ruthless leaders to influence behavior? Maybe it was something so serious that a commissioned naval officer might feel that as long as it lies dormant it would be in the national interest to conceal from the American public. “I am not a doctor,” people will say so I should stick to my knitting, but the possibilities I have conjured up in my mind, frankly worry me.

Let me add another thing. There is a very strange dynamic between husband and wife. Melania actually lives somewhere in Maryland and avoids staying at the White House. Some of the facial expressions, captured on film are difficult to reconcile with a “loving relationship” between a husband and wife. Not really hatred, but to me somewhere closer to genuine disgust.

I seem to recall another incident where Pence was off on a trip, South America, I believe, and suddenly with neither explanation nor forewarning he returns to Washington early in the Trump administration. What do you think?

Note: recently the “Active shooter” excuse was replaced with something about Pence not wanting to be photographed with one of the greeting party because he is a known, or accused, drug kingpin. I wonder how long it will be before that story is replaced?

Charlie Jensen

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