Our Political System, As I See It

As I see it, our political system has been clunking along for many years with some broken parts, like an old beat up and frequently patched sailboat still floating but barely able to beat to windward. Trump is a symptom of this malfunction. A significant minority has felt left behind and locked out so that listening to Trump’s political Elmer Gantry routine of promises allowed them to think he could do something (Drain the Swamp ) ignoring the calls from the NYC metro area Easterners who have been long aware that Trump has been one of the slitheriest swamp dwellers ever to come along.

They, mostly middle Americans, have long been suspicious of New Yorkers with their fast talk and brisk manners, so they paid no heed to reports of the people who knew Trump for what he was and still is. They decided to give him a chance. After voting him in and being called ignorant hillbillies and flatland Okies they feel they have to stick by him or risk the shame of admitting that they made one of the greatest mistakes in the history of Democracy. I am hoping that once in the privacy of the ballot booth they may vote their conscience and we will be free of this deranged megalomaniac.

Another group is the Evangelicals who have sold their souls to the devil in a Faustian compact, twisting the simple meaning of the basic Christian theology that is from the famous sermon on the mount, which I am sure most can recite from end to end and must haunt some of them at night when they are alone with their true deity.

“Our destruction, if it come at all, will be from…the inattention of the people to the concerns of their government, from their carelessness and negligence.”

Daniel Webster – 1782-1852, One of the greatest orators of American history, he served as a U.S. Congressman, Senator, and as Secretary of State for three Presidents

I cannot believe that these otherwise decent people, having seen Trump’s policies in action against the hungry, the injured, the helpless and often the nearly naked survivors of a daunting trek across the length of Mexico to knock on our door, will be able to sleep in peace. Again pride and possibly a sense of shame and guilt may prevent them from public disclosure of their misgivings, but in the ballot booth which may be secret from mankind but in their thinking is not from their God, many may hope that they can make amends before it is too late.

Charlie Jensen

Copyright 2019, Foc’sle Chatter, All Rights Reserved

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