Screaming Liberals and Compliant MAGA’s cannot have fair and balanced discussions

As usual, people with partisan convictions, either way, can’t make the fine distinctions needed for a fair and balanced discussion.  Screaming Liberals will scream and compliant MAGA hats will cheer mindlessly.  For the rest of society, some judgement is required.

As to Trumps actions in unilaterally terminating a known killer and national enemy, there are risks taken and benefits gained, with several distinct considerations:

  1. By failing to consult the eight members of Congress who are chosen to be told of the alleged emergency need for action before going off this way, or immediately thereafter, another impeachable offense has been committed.
  2. As a professional liar, why anyone would put store in anything trump utters is a mystery, so whatever justifications are offered by him are, ipso facto, questionable.
  3. This action has been committed without any consideration of the long-term consequences, including the well-being and safety of any, and perhaps all Americans traveling or working around the world.
  4. It would have been stupid not to inform or consult with our allies if, in fact, trump had not pissed off just about all our usually loyal allies.
  5. Anyone who does not see that trump’s whole purpose is to distract attention from the coming impeachment trial, and the continually unfolding evidence of even further ongoing criminal activities in and around his administration is fooling him, or herself.
  6. And now, we have trump’s greatest achievement, fulfilling one of his campaign promises of bringing people together, unfortunately in one fell swoop it is what was the largely segmented and disjointed Muslim community, from Morocco to Malaysia, and points elsewhere into one mass of anti-American protesters at best, or terrorists at worst. (Congratulations for that clever singular achievement.)
  7. He has also given many non-Muslim communities to join against trump’s unilateral action. Three cheers for the step toward becoming global pariahs.
  8. And for those who a good dose of irony, we now have a minority president who has spent the last two years decrying the opinions and factual analyses of our eight or nine intelligence communities, trying to twist their findings to support his rash political malfeasance. Well I guess that works well if you suspend judgement.

Charlie Jensen

Copyright 2020, Foc’sle Chatter, All Rights Reserved

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