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One Foot on the Balance Beam

In 2018, when I wrote of the dangers this nation faced from trump and his merry men, I was told by several folks that I was being overly dramatic with the Hitler references and fears about history repeating itself.

Well now we have moved right up to the edge of democracy’s cliff and are poised like a gymnast with only one foot on a balance beam.

Meanwhile the party in power dithers about trivia.

Good luck, people, it is no longer going to be easy to step back and go on with business as usual.

The Forces of Darkness, long lying dormant and undisturbed within our society, are on the move and now so strongly entrenched and so committed to violent take over that the future of the United States of North America is no longer assured.

The actions needed require drastic enforcement of our existing laws and enactment of measures to protect not just voting access and rights, but a significant overhaul of our courts and legislative procedures, both national and statewide. And the snowflakes in power are melting from the heat while a cadre of authoritarian oppression develops ways to return the tyrant to power, or failing that, his clone.

In fact, the strongest defense democracy currently posses is trump’s inherent stupidity and dementia.

That is a shameful bulwark for the freedoms and expansion of human rights won, often so painfully, over the last two centuries.

Awake and take part in the political process. Those who choose to avoid demanding actions now, are as much a danger as those who march like the storm troopers of the past to seize the levers of their government.

Charlie Jensen

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America is going over a precipice from which there will be no return.

What amazes me when chatting with people who support Trump is that they seem to proudly proclaim that they do not like politics, economics, or international affairs, and seldom pay any attention to such things day to day, but in the next breath claim that they like Trump because he has done so much for the country. Which begs the question, how the hell would they know?

They may claim to love the Constitution but few can even recite 50% of its preamble which contains our national goals and of course they have never taken the time to even read the balance. Actually many can not tell whether a quotation is from the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence. So when they are told that some activity of an official is a violation of the Emoluments clause, it is like speaking Swahili to a Chinese person but they are sure that there was no violation by that certain official.
(I may be assuming that there are few Chinese well versed in Swahili and probably even fewer Swahili speakers who ever heard of Wade-Giles romanization. If I am wrong, I apologize. ” …. Binadamu wote wamezaliwa huru na sawa kwa hadhi na haki ….”).

Somewhat annoying is that many of these disinterested voters seem to think ignorance of what is going on in the country is a badge of honor and certifies their political purity. It does neither.

They should be ashamed to admit their lack of knowledge in the affairs of government, Federal, State, or Local, unless they have some valid reason, such as having been vacationing of the far side of the moon where newspapers are only delivered three times a year.

While I am at the written press, no democracy can long exist without a vibrant press and the ability of its citizens to communicate freely. Anyone who promotes that our independent press corps, printed, or broadcast are the enemy of the people is challenging the ability of its citizens to acquire the knowledge needed to cast an informed, free ballot. By independent press, I am specifically meaning, both sources that cater to one’s personal ideas and biases as well as sources that are diametrically opposed to those firmly held ideas and biases.

It is up to each citizen reader or broadcast viewer (listener) to hear different views and to determine which seems to make the most sense as well as be the most likely to be true. And you cannot exercise that freedom unless the press is free to report, not just all the news ‘fit to print,’ but even what that citizen disagrees with so strongly that they would rather not see it presented. Censorship is the enemy of Democracy.

Democracy also depends for its lifeblood the willing attention to the rule of law, not just laws that are convenient, but laws that put your patriotism, your honesty, your willingness to the test.

Growing up in America I could not imagine this nation coming apart at its seams, but today I see it happening as people with little or no sense of truth and decent behavior seem to have acquired power far in excess of any control, men and women who have no respect for either written laws or long held customs. I see the country approaching a point of no return and I marvel at the foresight of the man who wrote “We have met the enemy and it is us.”

I am very afraid that by allowing the voting power to be exercised by, at times, about one third of the potential voters, and the reins of government to be grasped by a demented incompetent poseur we, this America, are going over a precipice from which there will be no return.

On the slim possibility that there is yet one chance I hope that the populace awakens and begins to take back what was rightfully theirs.

Charlie Jensen

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A Republic, if you can keep it

Bush Hosts Obama, Former Presidents At White House Luncheon

Photo by Mark Wilson Copyright Getty Images


I couldn’t see any danger when I voted for Dick Nixon, twice, sure he was a bit dodgy and could use a shave, but he’d never betray the country.  A few years later I listened to the Great Communicator and felt that he was a decent enough guy who would never wittingly do real harm, even though I knew he was lying about the Contra Business.

Then along came GHWB, a war veteran, an experienced leader and a family man. At least he could run a short war and get out of the sand dunes.


Bill Clinton arrived, with the baggage from the Arkansas State House.  I did not like him or vote for him,  but after a while, I could see that he was being harassed unfairly, but Bob Dole, another real veteran, would surely repair the damage.

Well, that did not work out, and listening to GHWB’s son was a turning point.  George “W.” did not seem evil, just moderately bumbling, even funny at times, obsessed about WMDs and Cousin Saddam, but I was not yet unduly alarmed.

So I voted for Obama, a quiet, thoughtful man who would definitely put things right again, even if he had been born in Nairobi.  But it appears he was blocked at every turn as long honored rules and traditional customs were cast into history’s dustbin.

Hillary dragged along that same Arkansas baggage, but who would have believed that the stalwart defenders of Freedom,  the Sacred Constitution, and national fiscal responsibility, the “Grand Old Party” would nominate  A Buffoon from Queens, New York, a known serial adulterer, sexual abuser, racist and self-promoting liar, and then swallow all that America, the “City on the Hill”, “Home of the Brave”, Refuge of the poor, the downtrodden, the wretched exiles, the Bearer of the Torch of Liberty, Hope and Mother of Dreams, was known for, to elect a two-bit crooked scam artist who would plunge this great nation closer to the fundamentalist “Gilead-by-the-Sea” that our forefathers tried to avoid.

And now, as Martin Niemöller finally understood, it may be too late, and I am alarmed. Benjamin Franklin, when asked by citizens, what type of government the delegates had created,  is supposed to have said, “A Republic, if you can keep it.”

The alarm is sounding for all of us.  It is time for true patriots to stand up and be counted.


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TARIFFS.pngPresident Trump placed massive Tariffs on Chinese imports to the US last Friday.

As previously announced China immediately placed tariffs on US products that were being shipped to China.

Many Americans do not understand that Tariffs are taxes on goods imported into a country. The idea is to force the price of things imported into the USA higher so that goods made here in the US will have a price advantage when the consumer decides to buy the imported version of a product when he or she is at the store making a buying decision.

Initially, the American tariffs are paid by the importer at the “Point of Entry” to customs officials.  However, that tax is immediately passed on down the wholesale chain to, the manufacturer who uses the product, or by the retailer who plans on selling the finished goods, such as; perhaps, T-shirts for our children at a local store.

As for the American manufacturer, he pays the increased cost, let’s say, for aluminum to make pots and pans and that manufacturer has to consider his increased cost of raw materials when he calculates his price to the retailer who eventually tries to sell those pots and pans in his or her store.

My experience with costs is that with few exceptions, the manufacturer will pass the increased cost to the retailer and the retailer ( e.g. Walmart )  will adjust the final consumer selling price of most goods that come from other countries and are affected by the import taxes we call tariffs. That means that you and I will pay higher prices for anything that is subject in whole or in part to these American taxes on goods or raw materials imported from China or Canada.  Occasionally a retailer may decide to absorb the tax itself, but I wouldn’t count on it.

Traditionally Americans, especially Republicans, have always been for a “Free Trade” economy, which means against all tariffs, either on the goods we import or the products we make here and export to be sold elsewhere.  Equally unpopular, as a nation with a long history as a great manufacturer and exporter of finished goods to the world, are tariffs set by other nations on American goods imported into a foreign nation to be used by its citizens.

Once what tariffs are, and what they do, is understood it should not be shocking news that Trump’s import taxes, e.g. Tariffs, will raise the prices of things we routinely buy. As for, tariffs on products we do not use personally such as raw steel or aluminum, remember those products are being imported to be used to make products that are made here and often sold here, everything from large construction machines, to the new coffee maker we might want to purchase.

Photo courtesy CBS News

There is another effect of import taxes, the response of other countries. The president apparently is quite proud of the tariffs placed on Chines goods we import, but immediately China introduced what is called, “retaliatory tariffs” on a wild array of American products sold to and usually imported into China.

This means that the things made in US factories or grown on US farms will be taxed in China making them more expensive to the Chinese consumer in comparison to similar goods made in other countries and not subject to Chinese import tariffs, One of the first and most obvious to be affected is the American corn, wheat, and soybean farmer because, quite simply, to the Chinese importer our products become more costly than those produced by farmers in other nations.


The American auto manufacturers, Ford, GM, and Chrysler are hit in two ways, first the steel they buy to make autos to sell to Americans costs more and so the autos will cost more, plus the autos we make and put on a ship to deliver to a Chinese importer will cost even more when those Chinese tariffs are added, giving a price advantage to autos produced in, for instance, Japan and now India.

If the farmer here loses sales he may be forced to lay off workers he hires and put off replacing some farm equipment he might have needed. That, of course, affects the farm worker in our mid-west, the seed producer and the banker who holds farmers mortgages. Also, the production worker who makes equipment here, e.g. John Deere, or the tire companies whose product is needed to go on farm equipment.

We have seen how quickly manufacturers like Harley Davidson have responded by moving production overseas so that the motorbikes sold there will be made there where neither set of tariffs will apply to their sales.

And who benefits? The Dutch or Belgian worker who gets a job that would have gone to an American worker, the foreign construction company that builds the new factory and the local banker who makes the construction loan. The American worker who got laid off or never hired in the first place may also have to avoid purchasing one of the many foreign vehicles made or assembled right here in the USA.

Meanwhile, if American auto manufacturers, both of American brands and foreign brands made here, lose sales, who is affected, the auto worker and the workers in the associated industries whose orders for goods are lessened or services, all the way down to the Joe Six-pack mechanic working in an auto dealership.

Companies like Boeing need aluminum and other finished goods to go into their multimillion-dollar products so they will have to raise prices.  Sales of 737s to expanding nations such as China will go to companies like Airbus, Boeing’s European competitor who are affected neither by Trump’s import Tariffs nor Chinese retaliatory tariffs.

All in all, the bottom line loser will be the American workers and farmers, and those who initially think that they will not be affected since they do not trade directly with China. Mexico or Canada, but when workers are laid off our economy will be damaged. That means we all will suffer.

Lest someone believe that these things are exaggerated, just look at history and see what happened in the past when tariffs were placed on goods entering the country.

“We have met the enemy and it is us.”

A Diverse Family

In the recent past, it really did not matter if a person was a Republican, or a Democrat, or which party controlled the Congress or who was president.  They were all Americans first, joined by one thing, a belief in that wrinkled old Constitution, respect for the laws and faith in the agencies of government.  They could argue about politics because if you presented someone with facts that you could document they would listen and in some cases, learn.

Not one member of our family would tolerate allowing foreign powers to interfere with our elections.  There was occasionally an attempt by other nations to sway public opinion but that almost always backfired.  The idea that any nation would even try was repugnant to us all.  There was sometimes a feeling that one agency or another might be exceeding its powers, but they all trusted that could be rectified through the processes and the system of checks and balances that had served us so well for so long.  We believed that if by some chance an agency such as the CIA, ATF, DIA or FBI erred, that error would be corrected reasonably fast because the agency was trusted and trustworthy.

And there had never been a party that nominated a serial adulterer, a sexual predictor, a person with multiple bankruptcies, or who had run a scam such as a phony University and was known for a habit of skipping out on his debts to contractors.  Anyone who was discovered to have done any of those things was quickly dropped from consideration.

And no president ever staffed his administration with individuals so aligned with a foreign power.  Not just one bad choice or two but almost twenty who have been charged, or have pleaded guilty to the crimes they are accused of.

Today this nation is in danger of collapsing as a democracy.  Some see it and are upset. Some seem to be capable of closing their eyes and ears to the perfidy, the mendacity and the distortion of the truth.  We are in the hands of the most corrupt administration that ever held office.  I am sure that most of our family would recognize treason for what it is. There seems to be no way today to reach those who are blind to the danger and it is infuriating to those who recognizing evil do not understand how apparently decent people can actively endorse it.

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