The facts are there in the evidence


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The recently concluded appointment to the USSC filling Merritt Garland’s seat is an affront to anyone who loves our Constitution and a bloody disgrace to whatever few remaining members of Congress still have a conscience.

In some ways the Democrats bear a small portion of the blame as truthfully over several years they did tinker with some of the honored rules and customs of what was once called the World’s Greatest Deliberative Body. But the wholesale slaughter of what remained may bring us to an irreconcilable situation, for many liberal members now thirst for revenge. So many Americans have chosen to chant some distorted talking points and ignored the horror that they have committed.

One current mantra that seems to be popular among the right-wingers is to suggest that there has been no evidence presented that would justify further investigation has been that there has been no evidence provided that suggests the Candidate is not qualified.

Well first off the statement of the victim is evidence.

The therapist’s notes are evidence.

The behavior of the nominee, his demeanor, his angry response to legitimate queries is evidence.

His calendars are evidence.

His evasions to avoid answering simple questions one after another show an effort to deceive the committee and apparently hide something is telling evidence.

The sworn statements of two other victim/witnesses.

The book “Wasted” written by Tom Judge is evidence.

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The now about forty (that is 40 !!!) people who have come forward to testify about whatever they saw or personally witnessed is all potential evidence.

And finally, the statements of the politicos who rushed the proceedings through with ungodly fervor and their determination not to call potential witnesses or at least interview them are evidence.

The facts are there in the evidence.

But I do not expect them to bother to honestly evaluate the facts that dwell within the evidence, nor to seek out the evidence that has been concealed by disinterest.

In fact, that very disinterest is a piece of true evidence that partisans simply do not care if they promote a serial rapist, sexual abuser, liar, and binge drinker to the highest lifetime appointment under our Constitution as long as he is their own serial rapist, sexual abuser, liar, and binge drinker.

Good luck sleeping as the truth rolls out.



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