Rumor has it there is a rush to buy old calendars


Rumor has it that there has been a rush to buy up old calendars in the last two weeks. Prices seem to vary with different years, while twenty and thirty-year-old examples go for close to $100..00 a piece, even recent five and ten-year dates are quite high for something often given away free to customers.

Some enterprising fellow even includes a notebook with hints as to what to write in about where a person might have been on those nights when they were drunk out of their mind. The premium calendar set comes with a selection of different number lead pencils and different ink ballpoint pens.


Pencil manufacturers had been closing down factories since so many people these days have never used anything but a text keyboard.  In specialty shops that are springing up one vendor has been selling the old straight tip wood pens with a small inkwell.

The New York Times Sunday edition is planning a review of the best events to add to an honest Senator’s dates and point out the forty most common mistakes. “The Anachronisms That Can Ruin Your Judicial Appointment”.

Certain Ivy League Universities are expanding their creative writing courses to include courses exploring the things that should never be put on a personal calendar and how to edit events to remove ambiguity, conflicts of interest and incriminating notations.

Charlie Jensen



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