A Diverse Family

In the recent past, it really did not matter if a person was a Republican, or a Democrat, or which party controlled the Congress or who was president.  They were all Americans first, joined by one thing, a belief in that wrinkled old Constitution, respect for the laws and faith in the agencies of government.  They could argue about politics because if you presented someone with facts that you could document they would listen and in some cases, learn.

Not one member of our family would tolerate allowing foreign powers to interfere with our elections.  There was occasionally an attempt by other nations to sway public opinion but that almost always backfired.  The idea that any nation would even try was repugnant to us all.  There was sometimes a feeling that one agency or another might be exceeding its powers, but they all trusted that could be rectified through the processes and the system of checks and balances that had served us so well for so long.  We believed that if by some chance an agency such as the CIA, ATF, DIA or FBI erred, that error would be corrected reasonably fast because the agency was trusted and trustworthy.

And there had never been a party that nominated a serial adulterer, a sexual predictor, a person with multiple bankruptcies, or who had run a scam such as a phony University and was known for a habit of skipping out on his debts to contractors.  Anyone who was discovered to have done any of those things was quickly dropped from consideration.

And no president ever staffed his administration with individuals so aligned with a foreign power.  Not just one bad choice or two but almost twenty who have been charged, or have pleaded guilty to the crimes they are accused of.

Today this nation is in danger of collapsing as a democracy.  Some see it and are upset. Some seem to be capable of closing their eyes and ears to the perfidy, the mendacity and the distortion of the truth.  We are in the hands of the most corrupt administration that ever held office.  I am sure that most of our family would recognize treason for what it is. There seems to be no way today to reach those who are blind to the danger and it is infuriating to those who recognizing evil do not understand how apparently decent people can actively endorse it.

© 2018, Charlie Jensen, All Rights Reserved

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