A Civil Crisis

New York Times Front Page 8/10/1974

When Nixon resigned and left for California, the country was tired of the years of charges and recriminations and Jerry Ford rightly decided to just end it with those convicted where they deserved to be.  As for Nixon, he felt that being forced to step down and leave both the White House and politics was a significant punishment. So to avoid further national trauma he issued the famous: “Our long national nightmare is over.” pardon.  Subsequently, there was an investigation and some laws were changed to prevent a reoccurrence.  This will not be possible for Trump because his collusion with the Russians is a form of treason.  His continued violation of the emoluments clause demands restitution.  He and his family’s long history of criminal dealings will require a trial and a series of economic penalties as well as the possible incarceration of some of the principles.

Trump’s violation of international laws and abrogation of signed treaties and agreements will have to be examined to determine what if any harm was done and to whom?  Since Trump’s supporters seem to have an equally poor opinion of laws and they appear to have a fondness for violence, they will have to be neutralized, probably disarmed and possibly re-educated.  Whether that can be accomplished without some kind of civil struggle is at this time unknown.  But for some time a portion of our citizenry will have to be considered traits and in rebellion against the lawfully constituted government.  Some laws will need changing to ascertain that the executive power can never be placed in the hands of someone so unprepared and mentally unstable as Donald Trump.

The right to vote in elections and the opportunity to serve in Congress may be subject to a system of tighter qualifications and education.  The intrusion of certain religious cults into political affairs will need to be prevented in some way.  And that old bugaboo control of firearms addressed.  I suspect that military grade weapons will have to be collected and some means of limiting handguns and hunting weapons to responsible parties.  One way is by passing laws requiring weapons be insured just as motor vehicles and motorcycles are presently done with insurance companies setting premiums and standards since we are as a nation adverse to the federal governments overseeing such a program.  Violations would follow a similar path that motor vehicles violations do with repeated violators being sentenced to actual jail time.  This can be done within the boundaries of the current Second Amendment.  A commission may need to be appointed to examine the increasingly vast difference between an acceptable middle-class income and the millions gathered by an ever-growing Royalty class and some adjustment made.

© 2018, Charlie Jensen, All Rights Reserved

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